Lena Engelmark Embertsén, a Chemical engineer, is the developer of the SPRUCE-oils and the person behind every delicacy at the farm Högtorp gård  in the Södermanland province in Sweden. All the high-class products without chemical additives are thanks to her skills in chemistry combined with long experience of flavour processing of wild plants.

The raw materials used are gathered in own forests certified according to the EU organic certification system. As well as the forestry at Högtorp is based on modern research results, and following the biodiversity guidelines from the Swedish Forest Agency. That is, the forestry is carried out in line with natural ecosystem dynamics. The Swedish common law ”Allemansrätten” does not allow you to pick shoots from trees, unless you are the landholder and do the picking very carefully.

The production kitchen at Högtorp gård is approved by authorities, such that oils, syrups and other products are processed with high hygienic standards. It ensures clean, safe and top-quality products that do not oxidize or proceed too early.

Lena Engelmark Embertsén